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READ FIRST!!! Here you will find quizzes dealing with many Superheroines who transform. Some will be easy, some will require a little research and work on your parts. This is the only way I could come up with that everyone has a chance to see my TF music videos and clips. What will happen is that each 1st and 3rd week of each month, I will post 10 questions here for everyone to answer. I have create a seperate e-mail account for those people wanting to answer the questions to receive the clip for the update. You must answer 7 out of 10 right gets the music vid or clips and MUST have either Yahoo Instant Messenger or AOL Instant Messenger to receive the clips too. (I'm not sending them any other way, or uploading them anywhere else, so please don't ask) you would have to IM me on either of these when you see me on to receive your reward. I think its a fair and small price to pay for clips, I'd say. Please send all answers to: hallofsecretids@yahoo.com (anyone sending answers to my mercblue22 e-mail, will be disqualified)

Quiz for 3-6-95-Prize-Music video TF Clip 1

1) What is the name of BlackCat's alter-ego identity?

2) What team does the Wasp belong to?

3) How did Karen Lou Faulkner become Rampage?

4) In Sailor Moon, how many Sailor Senshi members were on the team after season 1? 

5) In season one of the Power Rangers (American version) give me the first name of the Pink Ranger?

6) After Joker broke her legs, what alias did Barbara Gordon become?

7) In the manga Shadowlady, name the device Aimi uses to transform into Shadowlady?

8) What country does Darna originate from? -hint, the answer is somewhere on this site-

9) In Wonder Woman the tv series, what was Wonder Woman's purpose on planet earth?

10) Name one of Cutey Honey forms that she transforms into? (could be from any of the 3 series)