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Here are links to some of the greatest Female TF sites on the net!


-From Captain America #431-

-Will be used to post racier material not allowed at my site-
Hall of Secret IDs Group

Fonzie's First Attempt at making a web site years ago. My favorite muscled girl to this day!


Fonzie's first site devoted to anime girls who transform!

Fonzie's Anime TFs Site 1

Fonzie's second site devoted to anime girls who transform!

Fonzie's Anime TFs Site 2!


This little group is where all the TF magic came together for me. A great friend in lonebeatle now runs the legendary group!
Dungeon of Female TFs

This group is runned by Hymek, and has some of the best TFs you will find around.

She Changes at Will

This mammoth site is created by Leee and is one of the BEST sites I ever been to!


The Wonder Woman of the Flipines, Darna is one of the sexiest and most powerful heroines I know of.


This site is the only Black Scorpion site I know of. It protrays Darcy Walker, a secy cop by day, who becomes Black Scorpion by night.

Black Scorpion

A fantastic Tokusatsu, live action Japanese show with tons of Female TFs in it!


This site, sadly is gone. Red provided us with the BEST Female TFs site on the net, and though its now history, his mammoth guide on where to find Female TFs has not!

Red-Five's 'Where to Find Heroine TFs' List!

This little site is a picture site about a Marine Biologist with a curse and a blessing as she becomes, Darkfin!


This site is the MOTHER of all superheroines! you will find tons of superheroines in action, showing off their strengths to the world. -its a pay site, but the price is worth it!-

Supergirls INC.