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 This Hall is devoted to the gorgeous babes of Marvel who made a living by protecting of their Secret IDs!

Shapshifter Snowbird has the ability to change into almost anything, including a Sasquatch!

We with against the power Snowball has to even the score against her enemies.

This is what happens when you make a lady mad...

Wanda prepares for a battle, the only way she knows how.

Ahh, nothing like a job well done and some R&R De-trans style!

When the innocent need help, Wanda uses her transformation powers to prepare for battle.

With the power of the talisman, this young woman transforms into a goddess!

Teenager Anya Corazon accepts the power and suits up to become, Arana!

With baddies on her tail, Anya decides to even the score by transforming into her armor.

Ahh, shopping for a girl is never easy, especially when you have a man choosing out your costumes for you!

you can see that Anya's not too happy with men choosing out her costumes. Word of advice guys, let the girls choose their suits!

Never trust a Spider-Wasp, especially if her alter has dirt on you...

...just ask Spidey, he learned the hard way that attacking a villainess is never a good thing to do...

...especially if she's secretly the Spider-Wasp!

This woman only wanted to be normal, but was transformed into something much more powerful!

-DISCLAIMER: ***All scans are property of Marvel Comics!***