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These are some of the prettiest and best Asian Heroines who transform to fend off bad guys!


Here is the ever cute Usagi Tsukino, spinning into action as Sailor Moon!


My personal favorite, Ami Mizuno, may be a brainiac to some, but she's secretly Sailor Mercury!


A Shinto Priestess and the damage dealer of the group, Rei Hino magically becomes, Sailor Mars!


Kino Makato, the strongest and most powerful girl on the team, can secretly become, Sailor Jupiter!


Pop star Idol Aino Minako not only shows she has elegance and grace, but also, what it takes to lead the Bishoujo team to victory as Sailor Venus!


When trouble arises, the one with the strongest heart and will, Usagi Tsukino, finds a hiding place and magically becomes, Sailor Moon!


With girls like these leading the charge to protect everyone from evil, who's to say you can't look good and fight bad guys?!