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Here are some of the very best in female TFs from DC Comics!


Vicky Grant found a power device and would transform into a heroine at anytime.


When trouble was near, Vicky Dials H.E.R.O. to fight the baddies.


Just because Vicky was in school, didn't mean she couldn't use the magic dial to stop evil.


With all the powerful forms that she has, sometimes becoming Vicky is the best solution to solving a problem.


When Superboy suspects three kids of knowing his secret ID, they too reveal theirs to him.


Sometimes a Shiera gets bored with being a normal plain Jane and wants to use her powers to get some action in as Hawkwoman.


Who's the say that girls can't use their superheroine forms to get all the jobs!?


The unveiling of a new superpower is always one of the best feature of becomign a superheroine.


If Linda is forced to become Supergirl, you know something must be really wrong.


Hey, who says that bandleaders don't make good Superheroines!?


You try getting one of Karen's Powergirl suits through airport inspection!


Its great when you are amongst Superheroes...


...its even better when you find out you ARE one of those superheroes!


Even evil can have double identities, as we find out in this scan here.


-DISCLAIMER: ***All scans are property of DC Comics!***