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This room is devoted each month to one lucky lady who not only has an alter-ego, but is also powerful, sexy and a legend!

This month, March, belongs to the beautiful and sexy Barbara Gordon, aka, BATGIRL!

Babs Gordon may seem like another pretty face, but behind the shadows, she can become, Batgirl!


'I secretly enter my staircase, scan eyes for Babs identity, activate Batgirl costume sequence, and ride again as Batgirl!'


Being a Congresswoman does nothing to halt criminals of the city...


..but, when you have Batgirl at your side, anything's possible.


Babs knows that she cannot catch this baddie on her own. Why not let him get a little head start, enough time to secretly unveil your TRUE identity.


Babs knows that just because she is a Congresswoman, doesn't mean Batgirl can't have any fun.


The laws of nature tell Babs that something isn't right. And when that happens, a force stronger then her is needed!


-Disclaimer: ***Barbara Gordon and BATGIRL are properties of DC Comics!***