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March 7th 2005-The grand opening of my Hall of Secret Identities! I hope to provide everyone with the biggest and BEST of Female TFs at this site. I have hundreds of scans, pictures and clips of plan janes becoming Superheroines. I will be posting the first update today and use the Group to focus on the racier stuff not able to be shown here. As you can see, the group has been broken down into sections and where each heroine originates from. I have also decided that since I annot upload clips here, to hold a quiz and offer those that get 7 out of 10 right, the ability to download the clips from me personally. The quiz is not too tough, and requires some research. -A small price to pay for my clips- I will be updating my site every two weeks, to give everyone a chance to view everything and try and get the clip for the update from me. This is a paid website, so , if you get a 404, just try back later. -best time is late at night- Well, enjoy this first update and hope everyone keeps coming back for more. See you all again on March 21st for the next update.